Shoebox of Fire $85

Do you want a quick way to get to the front of the line? Need to get a "box" of all the fire stuff you need to do that fire thing? Get the ShoeBox of Fire!

Shoebox of Fire Open
It's a Shoebox, and included inside is most everything you need to start out doing the fire.
  • one set of firewands with white heads (two individual wands)
  • heavy bottom fuel pot (an overlarge soup/coffee mug; color may vary)
  • 4 acrylic standard cups
  • 6 acrylic mini cups
  • votive candle holder
  • package of tea light candles (for the pennygurl cheater method of firecupping)
  • stick lighter
  • bottle of baby oil (to slide the cups)
  • cotton tea towel
  • helpful list of fire wand tips
  • 16oz bottle of 70% alcohol (not available for postal shipping)
  • note: postal shipping available at additional cost
But wait, there's more! Included with your Shoebox of Fire is a "Certificate of Fiery Goodness", a coupon redeemable for your choice of either a 'Future Fire Wands Discount ($10 off a future set of firewands) " or a "Personal Fire Lesson" (30 min limit) with Markher and/or the pennygurl; just find us at a kink event where we are doing some fire!

You will want to add your own personal fire extinguisher, and towels/5 gal bucket for cup washing.... there are other assorted items of safety, such as a fire blanket; and items of fiery fun, a fire truck, the pitchers of doom, but ya know,,, that's up to you!

Shoebox of Fire Closed

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